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irish rose

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About me huh? Let me see...I am a Mother, a daughter a grand-daughter, a friend...those that I know, that I hold dear, I hold close within my heart, my circle. I am a reader, a dreamer...an optimist, a pessimist. I have an odd sense of humor, yet, I can be sarcastic. I am a hard worker, stubborn as some have called me, strong willed and independent. There are times I can be blunt, not intentionally, yet, I pull no punches..If you ask me a question, I'll answer to the best that I can, but one may not like what I have to say. Because of the road I have traveled, I have seen many things, done different things, I can be open-minded, yet, I have my beliefs. No one can sway me from them, just like I do not expect others to be swayed from theirs. In a way, I am alot like my Birth sign...Aquarius to the hilt. My family, my friends I hold close, and I will go to any length for them. Because of that, while I know many people, only a few know me inside out. It is not what I have chosen, just who I am. I am no one special., just another person that walks this road that we call life, sometimes stumbling on that road, hoping like heck that I do not fall flat on my face. And in the end, if I make it through without to many cuts and scrapes..I consider myself lucky...because in truth, stitches hurt like hell...and so does Broken Hearts.

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